Response to a Comment

The following is a response to a comment made about the earlier article, “The Government Perpetrated 9/11 Attacks? BS“. My inability to edit comments has led me to creating a separate post regarding the issue.

The pages provided to support my claims comes from the site of the magazine Popular Mechanics. This is a magazine owned by the privately owned Hearst Corporation, and thus has no ostensible connections to the U.S. government.

In addition, a look at the sources used by the magazine shows that the government was indeed rarely asked for explanations–thus issues of whether or not the government can be trusted are not really appropriate to use when trying to argue with this site. For example, issues such as the manner of the collapse of the Twin Towers and the question of what hit the Pentagon were not resolved by the article through the government, but rather independent organizations.

There is plenty of other arguments countering conspiracies ignored by the still overwhelming information provided in the article: if indeed there was a massive cover-up, it’s almost ridiculous to believe that every one of thousands of people would cooperate and not say a word. Someone’s conscience would have been activated by now. But the article uses evidence, not conjecture, and thus still overwhelms any conspiracy theorist’s ideas.

And again, personal insults against those who may be sympathetic to conspiracy theorists, or may be such theorists themselves, were driven by those who expressed obvious ignorance on an Internet forum. These were people who merely posted a link to someone else’s reasoning and then insulted those who disagreed.