Blog Plan and Link Dump

TL;DR – Come to the blog every Monday and Friday for concise posts about multiple topics, at least one of which will hopefully interest you.

Like I said at an absurd hour on Monday morning, I am going to be posting to this blog biweekly now.

A couple days later, I even have a plan.

In the past, I’ve written about a broad, almost-random array of subjects, but only one at a time. In other words, I might talk about presidents one day and quarterbacks the next.

However, that becomes somewhat of a crapshoot for you, the reader. What if presidential history interests you, but sports bore you? Or you like football, but not basketball? It could take months before I write something you’d want to read.

My plan for the blog attempts to rectify that. I plan to make each entry to consist of 3-5 vignettes of no more than 250 words each. (They may be much shorter.) You can scour for the headlines and read the interesting parts.

The topic of each vignette will still vary, but chances are–I hope–that you will find one or two items that interest you.

This plan begins Monday. Well, actually Tuesday this coming week, seeing as it’s Memorial Day weekend. But most weeks the first post will come Monday.

What I’m doing instead today is linking to some of my older blog posts. They are longer than 250 words, but the idea is to give you a sense of what I’ve written about before. Some of you may already have a notion, but others may not. I may even have some new readers just for this post.

Again, these posts are longer than I am now planning for, but they will tell you the kinds of things I write about.

By no means am I going to limit the blog to these topics. Anything that strikes my fancy could become part of a post. I hope you come back.