Getting Back to Regularity

It is almost 2 AM eastern time. I meant to go to sleep hours ago. Weird things happen to me under these circumstances. Like short, lazily-written sentence fragments. And reading through seven years of old posts.

But maybe good things will happen too. I’ve decided I should update regularly. Daily is hard, but perhaps Mondays and Fridays to start. Like, something for the week and something for the weekend.

What will I write about? Pretty much anything. In the early going, whatever subject comes to mind may be all I can come up with in a week, forcing me to go with it. But sports, history, music, and television will be among the potential topics. Wait, that sounds familiar. *Looks up at blog header.*

Unfortunately, this post will have to suffice as the first product of my newfound motivation. But, as Washington Nationals television play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter says on his home run call, “See. You. Later.”


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