Affirmative Action

Do you support affirmative action? Have you ever thought that it sends a message that minorities need the help of white people to succeed?


The Colbert Flak

Many people, especially my fellow bloggers, know what Stephen Colbert did at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. What a lot don’t realize is that it really was not anything spectacular.

This man here has it exactly right.

I am not going to go over what he said; you can read the article, as it’s right there. I just want it to be known that I agree with this person completely.

Oh, C’mon, Wikipedia

Just a couple recent things I noticed about the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Number one, look up a body part, and you will get an image of it, no matter what the part is. Yes, all of them.

Number two, can’t they figure out better subjects to feature on their front page than this?

I like Wikipedia as a quick way to get information, so long as I am not relying on that information for anything important. But as of late a couple things have soured me on it.

Halo 2

Perhaps the funniest game in the annals of Halo 2 just now occurred. The players were Phormio, Tennille, Heimdall, and myself. Well I kind of played. He spent most of the time goofing off. All he did until the very last few minutes was drive around in vehicles, occasionally ragging on teammates. The game was Juggernaut. If you have experience with Halo 2, it is highly likely that you know the rules. Basically there’s a juggernaut that you need to be to get points. The other players are supposed to kill the jauggernaut, and whoever does becomes the juggernaut. Yes, you are only teammates until someone else becomes the juggernaut.

So all I did was drive vehicles, honking the horn on the Warthog, and occasionally ramming into other vehicles that were, you know, actually trying to play. In fact, this pissed off Phormio so much he quit in the middle of the game. I had a great time, but it was upsetting everybody, until the end.

I randomly decided to pick up a rocket launcher. I locked on and knocked Tennille out of the Banshee, becoming the juggernaut for the first time all game. This was all well and good with the other guys. Until they remembered an added twist. The conversation went as such:

Spectator (doing something else): Doesn’t this thing run out of bullets?
Heimdall: I hope it does.
Myself (laughing): Oh wait, it doesn’t.

Because the juggernaut is camoflouged, has unlimited ammunition, and in this case, had a rocket launcher, the situation seemed hopeless. Starting from -3 (yes, negative), I got up to 2 before Heimdall and Tennille came up with an ingenious plan. They each took a Banshee and brought it to the other side of the map. So the scenario was as such: me with a rocket launcher and two Banshees coming straight at me. The scene in my window was hilarious, as two Banshees hung around ominously in the distance. They evaded all my rockets, and eventually Tennille killed me and immediately ran over Heimdall for the victory.

I guess you had to be there, but it was a great time.

Jon Stewart Newsflash

The guy actually made a funny joke yesterday! Odd, when he deviates from his usual standard fare (Bush), the jokes become better.

Anyway, the joke was about the illegal immigration demonstrators singing the United States national anthem in Spanish. Stewart continued to point out that in fact there are 3 more verses that are not sung, and then began to quote from them.

In the middle, he suddenly stopped, and said that it would sound better in Spanish.

Then the funny line came,

“Because the immigrants are willing to sing the verses that other Americans are not willing to sing,” which was a nice satire.


Surprised that I put in a new entry? Sorry about the lack of updates. Exams are going on right now (I’ve got one in 2-1/2 hours) and it’s been a busy time. Come summer (tomorrow perhaps!), I’ll have more time to write more substantial entries.

So in sum: No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.